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Who we are

It is impossible to talk about who we are without mentioning where we come from, that is where the value of what AsiSea represents is hidden, not only as a brand, but as a project; a dream that was born in the midst of the love of Adriana Duque and Albeiro Serna, a couple from Marinilla, Antioquia; who arrived in Medellin to build a better future, giving life to AsiSea Jeans in 2011. We know that to change the world it is necessary to transform lives, that's why our processes are human; We train in the being so that it is reflected in the know-how of our team, obtaining as a result high quality garments, with an added value that goes beyond the designs, careful preparation and exclusivity in raw materials; It is all the human process behind each of our products, that is our most valuable attribute.

What moves us (Mission)

We innovate thru designing and selling high quality garments in Latin America that highlight women as an integral, spiritual and healthy being. We implement resocialization programs through the workshops that we establish in prisons.

We generate well-being for our business partners: shareholders, customers, suppliers, collaborators and society.

Where we go? (View)

To be recognized in 2022 as a leading company in the sector, for a business model that innovates by creating women's clothing, designed to promote a lifestyle that highlights the integrity and value of women and puts social responsibility into practice business by incorporating prisons in the manufacturing process.

Superior purpose

Inspire freedom!

Our values

In AsiSea we know that a staff trained in values ​​is the key to build a company with solid human bases. Our internal culture is based on four fundamental pillars that give life to our philosophy, principles and actions within the organization.

Pillar Associated values
Vanguard Creativity
Leadership Perseverance
Commitment Passion
Service Altruism


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