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AsiSea creates clothes with sense, with a sense of fashion, with a sense of projection, with a sense of belonging, but above all with social sense. And precisely at this point we want you to know a very important part of us. In AsiSea we believe in the ability of people to overcome their past and make positive changes for their future.

Puntadas de Libertad is a social project that was born in 2015 as an initiative of our company with the aim of improving the quality of life of people who have been deprived of their freedom, people who made mistakes, like you or me, people who value second opportunities, people who are willing to transform their destiny. Training and inspiring their life day to day, giving them back their confidence and dignity so they can build a better future for themselves and their families..

Social sense and human quality are really important for us and are a fundamental part of our identity, because in AsiSea the priority is people, both inside and outside the organization. For this reason we live corporate social responsibility in our production processes through Puntadas de Libertad.

Through the “Being, know-how and do to own” program, we want to be part of the process of resocialization of men and women inside prisons, where we currently produce 60% of our garments, with the help of more than 200 inmates committed to their work and determined to change the course of their lives, developing their talents and discovering the potential they have to leave their past behind and look to the future. Today, we are convinced that through training, dedication and love, resocialization is possible.

"Being" is a training process where the potential of each of these people is rebuilt so they can return it to society, based on values ​​and principles.

“Know-how” is a technical training program supported by Sena and qualified supervisors with a high social sense and appropriate technical knowledge.

And "Do" is the formal start of their jobs, from a uniform delivery protocol, the same uniform of the collaborators of our organization, making them an official part of the company. With production batches that are supervised and accompanied at all times, ensuring quality standards, supported by the commitment of people who feel useful and valuable for society and for themselves.

This project started in the Pedregal prison with our corporate social responsibility seal granted by Fenalco Solidario, now both men and women benefit from the program in a total of 5 prisons, 4 fully operational and 1 opening, located in Santa Bárbara, Andes, San Cristóbal, Yarumal and Ciudad Bolívar, all in the department of Antioquia.

In this journey we have faced logistical processes with many obstacles but we are moved by the passion and conviction of a better society, discovering the happiness that the service brings.

Our superior purpose: Inspire Freedom!


According to November 2019 INPEC data

Total inmates: 175,000 in intramural, home confinement and electronic surveillance.

Total Inmates in prisons: 123,000

Intramural gender: 93% men - 7% women

Total prison establishments: 134

Prisons where there are AsiSea workshops:

  • 4 in operation
  • 1 in opening
  • 200 inmates involved.
  • 350,000 items produced annually.


My name is Mariela Mesa and I speak to you from El Pedregal Prison; Today I represent the more than 200 inmates who have the opportunity to work in one of Sarai Clothing's workshops. Thanks to them I have learned that making mistakes is human and second chances do exist.

It may sound a little crazy, but to value my freedom, I had to be deprived of it.

To me, freedom is to get up every day full of dreams and illusions, is to be able to choose the right way once and a thousand times.


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