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Tips for wearing outfits and overalls

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Colombian ensembles and pieces are increasingly used. Learn to dress them and wear them with these tips taught by SoSea here.

Colombian ensembles and pieces are increasingly used. Learn to dress them and wear them with these tips taught by SoSea here.

Fashion is cyclical and it is time for the ensembles and pieces to be a trend again. Therefore, some celebrities have been seen in red carpets, more casual events and city walks wearing these garments in the last four months of this year, forecasting a 2020 dominated by this fashion.

In AsiSea, we know how complicated it can be to introduce new trends in your wardrobe, so we give you 4 valuable tips to start wearing Colombian outfits and overalls in the best way.

Follow these tips to make Colombian outfits and overalls look better

Be careful with the colors

The interesting thing about Colombian outfits and ensembles are the combinations of colors and prints that you can get. However, dressing them can be a bit risky if you don't know how to combine them.

Sometimes, the best option is to go for the safe and opt for more classic and easy combinations, such as jeans overalls. This type of outfit is perfect to show off on any occasion and steal all eyes.

Accentuate your figure

The fear of some women who resist wearing outfits and overalls is that they can hide their curves.

That is why the most recommended, not only to wear Colombian outfits and overalls, but also for any garment, is to evaluate your figure and know what type of size suits you best. For example, super stretch fitted pieces are ideal for multiple figures, making you highlight the attributes that we mentioned earlier.

Pay attention to accessories and accessories

The sets have something special, and with few accessories you can create an impact look. Even with the sets of two pieces you can divide and combine with any other garment you like.

As for the pieces, depending on which one you choose, complementing with bags and shoes that go according to the occasion is an easy task. The only thing you should keep in mind is if the piece requires another garment, which is very common in the winter season.

Remember to play with the contrast of colors between the piece and the second garment to choose; Again, jeans overalls are perfect to match any texture and any color.

Prioritize comfort and functionality

If there is a feature that sets and pieces stand out, it is the comfort you feel when using them. The reason is because this type of clothing is usually made with soft fabrics and adaptable to the body.

In the variety of models there are, you will surely find yourself in the dilemma of whether to choose between more aesthetic or functional ones, commonly represented by the types of clothing and with pockets and closures respectively.

Here we recommend you prioritize the functionality of the sets and pieces with pockets and closures, which give a more relaxed appearance and are very useful for the basic needs of every woman, such as storing the smartphone, money and other everyday objects.

With these tips that we have given you, you can start your entry into this trend without problems. You only have to search both our official physical stores and online  our catalog of Colombian outfits and sets to purchase this and other models that you have seen here.


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