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How to choose a women's denim pants

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Learn how to choose a women's denim pants, regardless of model or size, with this simple guide from AsíSea.

Denim pants or jeans are basic and necessary items in every woman's wardrobe; no matter how many of these you have in your closet, it will never be enough.

Although denim pants have become a constant, there are plenty of models and styles that, if chosen correctly, will help accentuate your figure and look better.

That is why we have created for you a very simple guide on how to choose a women's denim pants without dying in the attempt. Pay attention to the following paragraphs to learn with AsíSea.

What you should know before choosing a women's denim pants

Although a denim pants could complement your outfit on any occasion, it could also put you in some trouble if you do not know some aspects.

Before going into all the different types of denim pants, it is important that you recognize the figure of your body: triangle, circle, rectangle, hourglass and inverted triangle.

The trending models of denim pants for women

Below, we have gathered the opinion of fashion experts and try to create a simple guide to choose the best model of denim pants for according to your figure.



Skinny pants, also known as “fitted”, are recommended for people with a rectangular, triangular or hourglass silhouette, since they help accentuate the hip and lengthen the legs.


This type of pants especially favors the bodies in the form of an inverted triangle, rectangle and hourglass, since they are baggy and very comfortable. Although it can make your butt look "flat," it hides narrow hips and leg flaws.


The classic or semi-baggy are very comfortable, versatile pants. and although they should be avoided by people with a rectangular silhouette, they are perfect for hiding those extra kilos and looking away from the hip, waist and stomach.

Skinny with high waist

The high-waisted skinny jeans have been perhaps one of the most worn in recent years, and this is because it helps the silhouette look more streamlined, the legs much longer, and the waist much smaller. .

They are designed with the women of circular, rectangular and hourglass figures in mind.

Flared from the knee or culotte

The fashions are cyclical and the flared denim pants from the knee or culotte are back to stay and help decrease the volume of breasts and shoulders.

This type of pants is perfect for women with an inverted triangle, circle and hourglass figure, but especially for girls of medium and high stature.

Length 7/8

This pants models positioned very well among the girls with hourglass and rectangular figures, ideal to wear with any shoe and look casual and comfortable. It is preferable to wear with the ankles exposed, this way they accentuate the beauty of the same and give the impression that your legs are longer.

Choosing a women's denim will no longer be a problem after what you've learned so far in this guide. Finally, we invite you to visit the pants section of our store to apply the knowledge you have learned.


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