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6 fashionable overalls for women you should know

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Learn about Colombian women's fashion overalls, where you'll find denim styles, with skirts, planters, shorts and more.

Learn about Colombian women's fashion overalls, where you'll find denim styles, with skirts, planters, shorts and more.

You may have found them old and children's in the past, but women's fashion overalls are now considered a staple that everyone should have in their wardrobe.

They are grabbing attention on Pinterest, Instagram and even some celebrities like Selena Gomez have incorporated them into their casual outfits.

Undoubtedly, women's overalls have been established as a fashion, and for that reason, SoSea shows you in this article the Colombian models that you should know to start being fashionable and give a twist to your style.

Meet these models of Colombian women's fashion overalls

Jeans overalls

Jeans overalls for women in Colombia are the most used for their ease to combine them in a casual outfit, and the denim is the most versatile you can find.

There are styles with tears, tears, details in the pockets and braces. The most recommended to use are the tight or super stretch, which adapt and mold your figure.

Overalls in shorts

Not only are there in pants, but also in shorts, which are perfect for those hot summer days where you can show off your legs with total comfort.

Among so many variants, we have selected these in indigo color that stand out among those of denim fabric. In addition, they are of type bib, so you can wear them even on the beach without any problem.

Printed overalls

This type of overalls stands out among the most creative, since the prints open a range of extra combinations to create a more original outfit.

For example, these that we show you are denim and have prints of text notes in the form of colored boxes in several parts.

Culotte overalls

They function as the hybrid between the skirt and the pants. They are long and very comfortable for their wide boots, which give it a vintage style.

This particular overall model is complete and denim.

Planter's overalls

Do not get carried away by name alone, this overall is a dress rather than a uniform to grow in the garden. It happens that its design is inspired by traditional gardening overalls, adapted to current trends.

The gardener overalls usually have a semi-fitted size on the thighs for comfort.

Overalls skirt

If you usually wear a skirt, this overall is ideal for you, since you will not feel the change beyond the straps. You can find skirt overalls from rigid to loose, usually in denim fabrics.

Tips for wearing fashionable women's overalls

  • If your overall is made of bib or full, you can combine it with a sleeveless shirt or blouse, or with a belly button.
  • Do not be afraid to combine denim with denim on the torso if they are of similar tones.
  • If your overalls are tight, fold or roll the poles to make your ankles and shoes look more.
  • If you want a more daring look, wear your overalls with the casual chest and with the straps hanging.
  • If your overalls have straight straps, wear an open shirt to achieve a sexier style. 

Since you met these Colombian women's fashion overalls, take advantage and review  our catalog of models where you will find all that you have seen in this article and more.

Tell us below, what would you look like in a overalls? Similar to any of the images of overalls for women of fashion that we show you?


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