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5 trends of Colombian lady pants for 2020

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Find out about the latest fashion and style novelties for women in 2020 with these 5 trends of Colombian lady pants.

Find out about the latest fashion and style novelties for women in 2020 with these 5 trends of Colombian lady pants.

With the new season approaching, you can already predict the first trends in models of Colombian lady pants for the first months of 2020.

So pay attention to this list that AsiSea has created for you, selecting the most attractive models of Colombian pants, so that you add them to your wardrobe for next year.

These are the Colombian lady pants that will become fashionable in 2020

Jeans lifts tail

One of the most prominent models of jeans in Colombia, which will surely continue to reign both in stores and on fashion catwalks, are the tail lift jeans.

Its characteristic name is due to the fact that these Colombian women's pants conform to the figure of your body, making you look thinner at the waist and, above all, highlighting your buttocks.

There are variants of the Colombian tail lift pants with details on the pockets, high and medium cuts, sizes, fabrics, among others. The most popular is the super stretch, like the one you can find in our catalog.

Boyfriend jeans

Easy to combine and with a casual style, the boyfriend jeans for women are inspired by the denim that your boyfriend probably uses to go out with you.

The boyfriend jeans are also differentiated by having a wide or casual cut and having tears and tears. They combine very well with almost any type of clothing, accessory and footwear, so you will not have excuses to use them casually.

Mid-rise pants

The medium throw is the perfect balance between the high and low throw. As they fall below the navel, their comfort is greater compared to other shots. In addition, they avoid bulging your figure, precisely because they are located at a medium height.

Almost everyone looks, and if you are short, they will do even more, as they will enhance your body and lengthen your legs visually.

Cargo pants

Originally, cargo pants were designed for activities such as hiking. However, today, women have changed the way they are used, moving them from the mountain to the streets with more versatile models for any occasion.

In fact, for a couple of years magazines like Vogue have marked the posts as an emerging trend that has not stopped until today.

In the coming months, cargo pants will continue to be implemented as a trend, especially those of super stretch denim fabric, in different colors.

Capri pants

Capri are synonymous with style and comfort. In both summer and winter, they are and will continue to be one of the most used trousers models in Colombia.

They are perfect to show off your calves, since they end up in that area. And although there are many styles of them, the most used models will be those of dress and denim, as dictated by the trends of pants for the future.

Now that you know what the models for women in Colombia will be that will be in the focus of fashion by 2020, we invite you to visit  our catalog of Colombian pants, where you will find all the variety you are looking to improve your look and start following trends.

What other type of pants do you think will become a trend next year? Share your opinion using the comments.


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